ForgiveThere’s something my dad once said to me that I’ll never forget — the words or the tone in which they were said. He said, “Suzanne, you’re the most forgiving person I know.” He didn’t say it as a compliment. In fact, he said it with some disapproval in his voice. I was a teenager, and a “friend” who loved to torment me had hurt me once again. In the many years since then, I have forgiven many other people, some for much, much worse offenses. I know now that Dad never meant for me to stop forgiving people, but rather to realize that I can forgive them without allowing them to continue to hurt me.

Today, I heard my son praised for his forgiving attitude toward someone who used to be very hurtful toward us. I have written here before about our neighbor who used to be mean and spiteful but has done a complete about-face and is now nice and neighborly. This afternoon, I gave him a ride to the laundry mat, and all the way there and back all he could talk about was what a great kid Sam is. He especially marveled at how nice Sam is to him now, considering our past history. He said it makes him feel so good when Sam comes over to talk, especially when he takes his guitar and plays some while he talks some. A few times, when we’ve heard a loud thud coming from next door, Sam has taken the initiative to go over to make sure the old man is okay. Once, he had fallen in the shower. He was fine, other than being a little shaken up, but he was grateful for Sam’s attentiveness.

As his mom, it makes me proud to hear Sam praised so excessively. I’m sure his attitude of forgiveness is because he has had 18+ years to practice forgiving someone…ME! I’ve made lots of mistakes as his mother, but I’ve always made a point to acknowledge them and ask for forgiveness. So, when the man next door asked for our forgiveness, it was Sam’s nature to grant it. I love that kid!


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  1. The world should show more of such a great nature. 🙂


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