Men Get Hurt, Too

Crying manThat may or may not surprise you. It came as a shock to me! In fact, about two and a half years ago, I wrote a poem (posted here), which pretty much says the opposite. I had good reasons to think that. My dad has never shown much emotion. Even when Mom died, he mourned for a very short time and just got on with his life as if his heart wasn’t broken at all. Also, most of the men I’ve met have displayed quite the knack for hurting women without ever showing any remorse or any pain of their own. So, I guess it was only natural that I would think men don’t ever get hurt, that it didn’t matter what women did because they would just brush it off and go on as if nothing happened.

So, what changed my mind? I saw it first hand. The man I love more than any other man in the world hurt so badly he contemplated suicide. He’s not a weak man, yet he was hurt. He’s been through so many tragedies, yet a broken heart almost pushed him over the edge. For a while, he could barely function.

I’ve known that pain, but I never dreamed a man could feel even half that much emotion. It makes me look back and wonder if I’ve ever caused that kind of pain. I don’t think so; but if I have, I’m truly sorry.

As for the man in this story, it has taken him many weeks, with lots of ups and downs, to get back on his feet emotionally. I think he’s able to face the world again. Time will tell. Tomorrow will tell.


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  1. I know who you are talking about here. 😦


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