Free Tacos

tacosI’ve written a couple times about my neighbor who used to be mean but is now nice. (Here and here.) He’s basically just an old, drunk redneck, and conversations with him can be interesting, to say the least. Here’s one we had this evening:

Walt: Have you and the boy ate supper yet?

Me: No, we haven’t.

Walt: Well, do ya’ll like tacos? (Imagine the “os” being stretched out in a long drawl.)

Me: Yes, we do.

Walt: (Handing me a $20 bill) Would you mind goin’ and gettin’ me some tacos? If it ain’t too much trouble, I mean. And, you can get you and the boy whatever you want, too.

Me: Sure, I don’t mind.

Walt: I just want four of them, ya know, soft-shell tacos, with that mild sauce, ya know.

Me: Okay.

Walt: And be sure to get whatever you and the boy want, too.

Me: Okay.

Walt: Just whenever you want to. I ain’t in no hurry. I’m just sittin’ over here, ya know, drinkin’. I don’t like to cook when I’m drinkin’, if ya know what I mean.

So, a few minutes later, I went to Taco Bell. The concept of separating the food into two bags seemed to be too complicated for them to grasp right away, but I managed to get Walt’s food (minus the sauce, since they were out of mild sauce) and change into one bag and mine into another. After I handed him his bag, before I could get in my door, he came rushing over, handing me the change and saying, “Uh, Suzanne, here, Honey, you take this for your gas and time, ya know.” I tried to assure him that I didn’t need it, but he insisted, and I acquiesced.

So, yeah, that happened, but hey, I got free tacos and a few dollars, too!


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