Trip to the ER

ERI had to go to the ER last night…well…early this morning. It was a little after 3am when I went, in the blinding snow storm. (Yes, it was snowing here on Nov 1, and it was coming down quite steadily throughout the early morning.)

For quite some time, I have been experience pain in the area around my left kidney. I also was having spasms which felt like my kidney was doing somersaults. I must confess, I put off getting it checked out because I was afraid it might be cancer, and I didn’t want to know if it was. (Don’t criticize me too harshly for my cancer paranoia, since both my Mom and my Papaw died of cancer.) This past week, the pain became increasingly worse, to the point that I could no longer hide it from Sam. Of course, once he found out about it, he insisted that I go to the ER.

So, at the hospital, they ran a bunch of tests and did a CT scan. The nurse tried to draw blood, but I have some of the worst veins ever. She managed to get a needle in, but she said it was no good for drawing blood, so she went ahead and made it an IV, just in case it was needed. A lady from the lab was called to come draw my blood, and she had difficulty as well. She ended up drawing it from the knuckle of my forefinger on my right hand. Believe me when I tell you that that finger hurts like crazy today!

When the doctor came in with the results of the tests, he assured me immediately that the CT scan didn’t show any stones or tumors or masses or anything like that. However, he suspects that I passed a stone a couple days ago, which would explain the increase in pain this week. Also, he said that I have a urinary tract infection that has probably been “smoldering” in there for quite a while. He prescribed an antibiotic and a pain pill.

When I went to get my prescriptions filled, I found out that the pain pill was too expensive for me. I’m sure that as soon as the antibiotic starts doing its thing, the pain will go away, anyway. So, tonight I’m going to take a Tylenol PM and let it knock me out.


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