Happy 19th, Sam!

Bday CakeAs the title suggests, today is Sam’s 19th birthday, and this day couldn’t pass without some attention here on my blog. I am so proud of the young man Sam has become. Today offered him another opportunity to demonstrate how grown up he is, in light of certain disappointments.

2014-11-18 00.05.39Although there were some disappointments, the day started off in stellar fashion. A video game he had on pre-order was released today, and he got to get it at the midnight launch at GameStop last night. It was freezing cold and snowing rather heavily, but he braved the elements and got the game. (Check out the picture to the right that shows what the weather was like at 12:05 this morning. Brrr!)

When he got home with his new game, he proceeded to stay up ALL night playing the game. Thankfully, I managed to sleep through most of it. The only issue I had was when he got hungry at 3am and woke me up with the noise he was making in the kitchen. He was so sweet about it, I couldn’t bring myself to reprimand him. He said, “I tried to be as quiet as possible, and I’m sorry I woke you up. I knew it was inevitable, though.” Since it was “inevitable,” there wasn’t much I could say about it.

Sam is a little bit weird in the fact that he doesn’t like cake. In the past, he has requested ice cream cakes (either from Dairy Queen or made by me). This year, he wanted tiramisu. So, he got tiramisu.
2014-11-18 18.36.37


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