I’d Love to Hear from You. – God

prayerBack in the old days, communication was slow. After writing a letter, you would send it by post; and it would take several days, if not weeks, to reach its destination. Then, it would be several more days, or weeks, before you would receive a response back. Now that we’ve grown so accustomed to modern technology which makes communication practically instantaneous, waiting like that would probably kill us.

I was thinking about that the last few days as I was in communication with a friend of mine. Since I’m a writer, I would write and write and then wait and wait to hear a response which was never as wordy or complete as my communique. Once I received a response, I didn’t mind the sparseness of it, or the long wait for it to arrive. I was just glad for the contact.

I wonder if that’s how God feels about us. He has written and written a whole Book to us, and He often has to wait and wait for a response. I read my Bible nearly every day (I confess I do miss a day every now and then), but for some reason, I never thought of prayer as quite as important…unless I needed something. This week, I realized that God just wants to hear from us, and not only as we thank Him for our food.

I already know how my friend feels about the things I wrote, but I’d still like to have a response to acknowledge me and confirm what I know. God knows everything about us, but He still wants communication…and not just one-way communication.


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