Excited About Cookies

Gluten-Free Christmas Cut-Out Cookies $16.99/doz

Gluten-Free Christmas
Cut-Out Cookies

You would think I would be sick of cookies by now, considering the dozens and dozens of cookies I have baked, decorated, packaged and shipped for my little shop this month. Instead, I am excited about cookies! The orders keep pouring in (in fact, I got three more last night!), and just a few minutes ago, my shop received its first review. I was afraid to read it because I know how picky, petty, and even mean internet shoppers can sometimes be. What a relief when I read the glowing words my customer wrote! (Click here to read them yourself.)

Since gluten-free products are all the rage these days, I’ve developed several gluten-free recipes to meet that demand. According to my customer, my gluten-free cookies (the ones in the picture in the upper right corner) are awesome and the best. I still offer the original version for those who don’t need or want gluten-free, and I am continuously converting more recipes to gluten-free.

If you’ve been considering ordering something from my shop this holiday season, don’t delay. I won’t be taking any more Christmas orders after next Friday (Dec 19). You can reach my shop by clicking on the long “Etsy” banner on the right. And, don’t forget to use the coupon code BLOG20 to receive 20% off your order as my thanks for reading my blog.


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