NicknamesI saw this picture on Facebook today, and it literally made me laugh out loud. It’s not funny of itself, but it is made funny by thinking of some nicknames I’ve had for people, without their knowldege. (Such as: SW, SH, GFM, NAS, the Maroon, “he who shall not be named”. I can’t say their real names, or they would no longer be secret!)

While I’m sure there have been plenty of nicknames people have had for me which I know nothing about, here is a list of some that I do know:

  • Doodah — given to me by my brother before he could say Suzanne
  • Sue — what my mom called me and most of her family call me
  • Supey — what my dad used to call me, when he didn’t call me Punkin
  • Suze (or Suz) — the name most of my closest friends call me
  • Suzie, Suzy, Suzy Q — what the rest of my closest friends call me, also what I’m called by people who think they are closer friends than they actually are
  • Q (or Queue) — what one friend from college called me (short for Suzy Q)

I’d be interested in knowing what nicknames my readers have been called…the ones you wouldn’t mind sharing with the world.


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