What’s for Supper?

My famous, award-winning chili. And, Navajo Indian fry bread. That’s what!

2015-01-16 17.28.18This meal was a favorite of my family when I was growing up. Let me give you a little bit of background on it. My parents grew up across the country from each other, but they were both recruited to go work at a school on a Navajo Indian reservation in New Mexico when they graduated from college. (Dad was a math teacher, and Mom was the librarian.) Mom had a friend (maybe a roommate) named Ella George who was a Navajo. She taught Mom how to make their traditional fry bread. Although it is very simple, it is tasty, especially with chili, or even with just a little honey drizzled over it. When I was young, this bread was one of my very favorite foods, but we never had it except with chili. (It’s labor intensive, especially for arthritic hands.)

Now, when Mom made chili, she bought a packet of Chili-O seasoning and followed the instructions. It was good, but it wasn’t stellar. I have spent many hours formulating my chili recipe, and I must say (though I hate to sound vain or anything), that it is stellar. When paired with Navajo fry bread, it is to die for!

If you know me at all (or have read my blog much), you probably know by now that I don’t cook by recipes. Although I can rarely tell you precisely how much of any ingredient goes into anything, I am usually very willing to share how I make things. Well, this is the exception! Many, many years ago, Mom made me promise to not give anyone the recipe for the Navajo fry bread. I don’t think it was because it was a big secret, but more because she was embarrassed by how truly simple it was.  Something that tasty should be more complicated. As for my chili, well…it’s the one recipe I can truly say is 100% mine. I guess I’m a little proprietary about it. I’m more than happy to share a bowl of it with you, though!


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