Super Bowl Sunday

seattleToday is a super day for more reasons than just the Super Bowl. Yes, the Super Bowl is a great sporting event, and I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll discuss it some more a little later.

My day started out super at church. I mentioned in a post last week how much I have been blessed by Discovery Church. The message this morning was a difficul one for me because it was on the first half of James 3, all about what a dangerous instrument the tongue can be. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to speak more kindly to Sam, even when I’m upset with him. I’ve been doing a lot better, but since there is still room for improvement, I felt the stings of conviction during the service.

Another super thing about today is the return of the Blacklist tonight after the Super Bowl. I love that show! It’s a little cheesy and predictable, but I really like James Spader. I could sit and listen to him talk all day long.

Sam and I are going to watch the Super Bowl and pig out on bad-for-us foods. We don’t normally eat stuff like pizza, wings, taquitos, chips and dip; especially not all in one evening. But, hey, it’s the Super Bowl, and it’s one night out of the year, so we’re going to enjoy ourselves and the game.

Now…about the Super Bowl itself… I don’t need to tell you who I’m for, since I have a Seattle Seahawks picture at the top of this post. Even if I didn’t like the Seahawks and wasn’t already going to cheer for them, I would simply because I think Bill Belichick is a cheater. I’m not just talking about the deflated balls, either. Remember “Spygate”? He has a history of cheating, and cheaters shouldn’t win the Super Bowl. For all you Patriots fans, don’t be hatin’! It’s my opinon, and I’m entitled to write it on my blog. You can write your opinion on your own blog.


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