A Secret No More

2015-02-19 21.47.17For several months, I have alluded to a secret involving Sam, which he forbade me to tell. Well, I have more than just alluded to it a time or two, and several of you already know all about it. Tonight, I am allowed to talk about it freely.

Last summer, while we were in Atlanta for a few days, Sam had the opportunity to be in a major motion picture. Yes, he was “just” an extra, but he was a featured extra. We braved the cold and snow to go see the first showing of the movie tonight, and he is very visible in one scene. He wanted to see the movie before talking about it much, to make sure he looked okay and that the movie wasn’t completely stupid.

The movie was The D.U.F.F., starring Mae Whitman. I posted a trailer for it here a few months ago. Sam was in that particular trailer, and the picture on the right is a still shot from it.

The movie is basically a teen chick flick. It is cheesy and predictable, but it’s cute and has some funny moments. It is definitely not horrible, and it is something Sam can be proud of being part of.

If you go see the movie, be sure to look for Sam. I posted the picture on here so you will know what he’s wearing and what to look for. The scene he is in is toward the beginning of the movie, maybe about 1/4 way in. In the scene, Bianca (played by Mae Whitman) has realized she is a duff, and as she looks around the school cafeteria, she identifies several other duffs. As the camera goes around the cafeteria, it pauses briefly on a set of glee club kids. Sam is at the front right of this group. In addition to seeing him, you can also hear his voice. Since you can definitely hear him, I thought they should have listed him and the other glee club kids in the credits, but they didn’t. Still, it’s obviously Sam, and it’s a great first step in his chosen career.

I have a request. If you go to see it, will you please let me know you did and if you had any trouble locating Sam in it? Thanks!


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