White Pizza

2015-02-19 14.10.48Here’s a fact you may not know about me. While I love fresh tomatoes, I don’t care for tomato products, ie: tomato sauce, ketchup, tomato soup, tomato juice…you get the idea. I can eat traditional spaghetti and pizza, but for both pasta and pizza, I prefer white sauce.

For years, I’ve been making white pizzas at home, and I’m happy that pizza restaurants are starting to offer white pizzas now. A couple days ago, Sam requested my homemade white pizza, and I made it today. I have to say, it was delicious!

You can see it pictured on the left. Along with the white sauce, this pizza had fresh tomatoes, fresh spinach, sriracha chicken and a couple different cheeses. Mmmmmmm…It was delicious! (Oh, yeah, I already said that.)


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