Snow, Snow, Go Away!

2015-02-21 10.18.51After being snowed in practically all week, I guess it’s obligatory to write a snow post. It has snowed almost every day this week, and all the local schools were closed every day. I believe it’s the worst full week of winter weather that we’ve had in the eleven years we’ve lived here. The snow is beautiful, but it can go away now!

The picture on the left was taken from my front door this morning. Last night, there was a bare spot in the snow where Sam’s car had been parked. In that rectangle of space, the ground was completely bare. Today, there is no sign of any car having been parked here in a while. Also, the bottom step is completely covered. There are three steps leading up to the porch, but only the top two are visible. We must have gotten about four inches of snow last night/this morning.

The snow started Monday mornning and quickly covered our driveway, making it impossible for us to go anywhere, mostly for fear of not being able to get back up the drive. It continued Tuesday and Wednesday, keeping us homebound. (I was able to make a quick trip to the grocery store Wednesday evening, when a friend came by to take me. I had to walk down the hill to the road and back up again, as the driveway was impassable.)

Thursday, it was warmer and sunny all day, and some, though not all, of the snow melted. It melted just enough for Sam and me to get out to go see a movie. (I wrote about it here.) One of Sam’s friends went with us to the movie and spent the night with Sam that night. Yesterday, Sam was able to get out to take him home, but he couldn’t get his car back up the driveway. He tried a couple times. Then, he called me, and I went out and tried a couple times as well. In the end, we decided his car would have to be parked down the hill.

Although I knew they were calling for more snow last night and today, I was very disappointed when I looked out this morning and saw several more inches of the white devilish stuff. I don’t really have anywhere I need to go, but I’m getting tired of being stuck at home. I’m not the only one around here getting cabin fever, either. The cat, which is usually very calm, has been running around pouncing on imaginary things. When she needs to go out, she goes to the door, but when I open it, she turns and runs under the table. I have to pick her up and put her out, and she doesn’t stay out long at all. I can tell she’s getting tired of being cooped up, but she doesn’t like the snow.

I think it’s a perfect day for chili. We’ll have plenty, so if you want to brave the elements, you can come over and have some with us. Hahaha!


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