More Car Issues

2015-03-20 16.38.11I’m so glad last week is over! It was pretty bad. It was by no means the worst week we’ve ever had, but it was bad.

The worst day was Friday. As Sam was driving to work (his second day on the job), the car hydroplaned (Mustangs are notoriously bad on wet roads) going around a sharp curve on a steep hill, and it ended up wedged under the gruardrail on the opposite side of the road. Sam was shaken but unhurt. The front fender on the driver’s side is completely smashed in, and the fender is now overlapping the hood, but the car is still driveable.


2015-03-21 08.01.01

Sam had to call a tow truck but had no money to pay for it. Since his car is undriveable at the moment, I had to walk to where he was in order to pay the tow truck driver. It was only about a mile and a half, but it was raining. By the time I got there, I looked like a drowned puppy.

Keeping the story as short as possible…the car was towed out, Sam took me back home, and then he went on to work, about an hour late.

Sam’s new job is at Domino’s Pizza, as a delivery driver. Thursday night he went out with another driver to learn the ropes, and Friday night he made deliveries solo. The first couple deliveries went off without a hitch. The third one was a different story. The driveway was gravel and mud, and by then, it was dark and still raining. As Sam was leaving the Mustang went off the driveway and got stuck in  a ditch. A co-worker came and tried to pull the car out with his SUV. No luck! Sam had to call 911.

He ended up having an accident report for the second incident, and he had to be pulled out by a tow truck again. It happened too far away for me to walk there to pay the tow truck driver, so he had to follow Sam home to get paid. The man wasn’t nice, and hiked the price up by $15 for the inconvenience.

Again, Sam was shaken but unhurt, other than his pride. The only damage to the car was scrapes on the rear bumper where the co-worker tried to hook onto the car to pull it out with his SUV. All in all, I’d say we were very blessed, and Sam’s guardian angel deserves a medal for protecting him through it all.

As Sam was going to work Saturday evening, he was afraid he would get fired because of everything that happened the night before. Instead, his co-workers, and even the manager, were surprised and pleased that he came back. They said it was a sign that they had hired a good employee. That evening, Sam made several deliveries without incident, earned nearly $30 in tips, and even got to bring home some pizza from messed up orders.

So, although it was a bad week, it ended pretty well.


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