Sad Movies

furious-7Yesterday turned out to be a day for sad movies. It started off with Sam and I going to see Furious 7…finally. In the past, I have seen the Fast and Furious movies the weekend they released, if not the first day. For this one, though, I had to muster up the courage to go see it. I knew it would make me sad, and it didn’t help that it released on my mom’s birthday, which is already a sad day for me. The movie itself is not sad at all. In fact, there were several times when I laughed through my tears. The sadness came from the real-life realization that Paul Walker is gone.

[I need to pause here a moment to vent… With the release of Furious 7 has come an onslaught of “mourning” fans jumping on the Paul Walker bandwagon. Every social media site has become saturated with photos, videos, comments, etc. of Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious franchise. I would just like to remind everyone that I was on that bandwagon long, long ago…way before he died on Novemeber 30, 2013. I guess I can scoot over and make room for all the newcomers. After all, Paul Walker deserves all the praise, recognition, and adulation he is receiving now. End of rant.]

I started crying (inside, not audibly or visibly) the moment the movie started. At the first sight of Paul Walker, the tears started welling up and rolling down my cheeks. I continued to cry throughout the movie, and ended up bawling (both audibly and visibly) by the end. It was, by far, the best movie in the Fast and Furious franchise; and the tribute at the end was touching and very fitting.

Autumn in NYIn the evening, I wanted to watch a movie at home and chose one on Netflix, in the spotlight at the top of the app. The title of the movie was “Autumn in New York”, and it turned out to be very sad. If I had known it would end sadly, I probably wouldn’t have watched it. It’s somewhat surprising that I watched it all the way through, considering how sad it was. It was very good, though, and very touching, as well. There were many aspects of the movie that were painfully significant to me, which added to the sadness while, at the same time, kept me watching it. If you don’t mind sad movies, I recommend it highly.


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