Steve McQueenI have said before, and I’m sure I will say again in the future, that I should be a private detective. I have become really good at finding people on the internet, even people who don’t have much, if any, social media presence. I call it investigating; Sam calls it stalkng. Whatever it’s called, I’m good at it.

Earlier this week, Sunday, to be exact, the name of one of my high school classmates popped in my head for the first time in years. Back in high school, my favorite actor was Steve McQueen, even though he had been dead for nearly a decade at that time. It was because he was in some of Dad’s favorite movies (The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven)…oh, and because of that devilish grin of his. The only thing I would have changed if I could was the color of his hair; I would have made it dark. Enter my high school classmate who had Steve McQueen-esque looks AND dark hair.

The first time I saw him, I glanced over my right shoulder, through my long, curly hair, to see his devilish, Steve McQueen grin, and I was smitten! He was beautiful! I’m pretty sure I never spoke to him because I was much too bashful, but I looked at him every chance I got.

So, anyway, I haven’t seen him nor heard anything about him in over 25 years, and when his name popped in my head, I became curious as to whatever became of him, and I started investigating. Through my various means, I found out that he got married on Sunday. (How weird is that?) I also found a picture of him, and guess what? He’s not so attractive any more. I guess life and age do that to us all.


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