Bristol Spring Race

2015-04-18 09.15.03Sam and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in the Food City suite at the Bristol Motor Speedway, and it was amazing! The view of the track from that suite is one of, if not THE best view in the whole place. The suite is right on the start/finish line, and the whole track is perfectly viewable from it.

Saturday was a beautiful day for racing, but Sunday was rainy all day. When Sam and I left at 5pm, only 22 laps of the race had been completed. The picture to the right was taken Saturday morning. Below is a bigger picture from the same spot, which shows how great the view was from there.

2015-04-18 09.15.16

Not only was the view great, but the food was as delicious as it was beautiful. It was prepared by the Food City catering crew from Knoxville. There was brisket, grilled chicken, grilled salmon, baby back ribs, made-t0-order sandwiches, a sushi bar, a cheese and fruit bar, chocolate (milk and white) fondue, and a dessert bar. Everything I tasted was wonderful, even the sushi. (I’m not usually a big fan of sushi.) Here is a picture of the cheese and fruit bar and a picture of one of the beautiful decorations made out of fruit.

2015-04-19 11.18.02   2015-04-18 11.05.04


Although Sam and I both had a great time, getting to watch the race, eat great food, and meet interesting people, we were actually there to work. We were hired as servers. It was fun, but it was hard work. The pay wasn’t bad, and the perks made it totally worth it. We were allowed to eat anything and as much as we wanted. I confess I did eat more than I usually do, but I still ate only a fraction of what most of the people there ate. I usually weigh myself on Mondays, but I didn’t want to know how much damage was done this weekend, so I chose to wait until next Monday for my next weigh-in.

Like I said already, it was hard work. We helped set up and take down both days, we made sure the guests in the suite had everything they needed, and we kept the tables cleaned off. It required a lot of standing, walking, going up and down stairs, stooping, lifting, carrying, etc. Last night, even Sam was complaining of sore muscles in his legs. You can imagine what it did to an old woman like me. Today I’ve spent as much time as possible in my recliner with my feet propped up on a cushion. Despite the pain, I hope we get to do it again in August!


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