Saturday Night Music Post

I’ve had an enjoyable, lazy day today. At times, it turned somewhat nostalgic. So, for tonight’s music post, I decided to share some songs made memorable by my favorite singer of all time — Frank Sinatra — but sung by contemporary artists, just to be a little different.

I usually save my favorite for last, but this time, I’m starting off with my favorite. Here is the mega-talented and super-cute Adam Levine singing “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Next up is Jason Mraz singing “Fly Me to the Moon”. I love his smooth voice!

My favorite tenor, Andrea Bocelli, singing “New York, New York”:

This may be hard to believe, but I don’t especially care for Michael Bublé. I’m adding him to this post because he has probably done more Frank Sinatra covers than any other contemporary artist. Here is his version of “That’s Life”, and it’s actually pretty good.

Since females also cover Frank Sinatra’s songs, I decided to conclude this post with the fabulous Celine Dion singing, “My Way”.


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