Pearl3For most of Sam’s life, we have had a dog (or two). The latest one was Pearl, a Miniature Schnauzer. Actually, she was a miniature Miniature Schnauzer. She was the runt of her litter and grew to only about 1/2 the usual size for her breed. She was black all over, except for a little bit of white on her chest; and she was beautiful. Everyone who saw her commented on how pretty she was. She was also a sweet little thing; the lady who did her grooming bragged on how well-behaved she was.

Since she was a runt, she had various health issues over the years. During the past several weeks, she had several illnesses, one after another. (One of her recent illnesses was strep throat, which I didn’t realize dogs could get.) With all the infections and allergy problems she was having, her immune system became overloaded, and it shut down. Her body began to reject all medications, including shots to boost her immune system. She wasn’t able to eat anything for the past few days, and by this morning, her little body had shrunk down to just skin and bones. She was so pitiful!

Since there was nothing more the vet could do for her, we had to let her be put out of her misery. Although I’m glad she isn’t suffering any longer, I already miss the dear thing. I sure do hope dogs go to heaven!



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