Berry Pickin’

2015-06-13 17.27.17 HDRYesterday as Sam and I were getting in the car to go to work, our neighbor Walt came out on the porch to tell me that there are raspberries growing along the edges of the field behind our apartment building. I thought it was unlikely that there were raspberries back there, but I decided to check it out today anyway. As soon as I got to the far end of the field, I saw lots of little, bright red berries all along the edge of the brush. They happened to be small, not-quite-ripe blackberries. They will hopefully be ripe enough to pick by Wednesday, my next day off. On my way back to my apartment, I walked around the edge of the field and found a couple patches of ripe berries. I was able to pick enough to make a cobbler.

Looking deeper into the brush, I saw several more ripe berries that I would have gone after without a second thought in my younger days. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m too afraid of snakes, spiders, and ticks to go crawling through the thorns and underbrush. (As thick as my hair is, it’s healthy for me to have an intense fear of ticks!) Here are a few pictures I took of the brush, berries and flowers I saw today:

2015-06-13 15.01.49

The berries left stains on my hands. Even if the stains didn’t wash off, they would have been worth it for those delicious berries! What didn’t wash off were the scratches all over my hands from the thorns, but those were worth it, too.


2015-06-13 22.20.50 HDRThe end result of my berry picking today was a cobbler. You can see it in the picture to the right. When I took it out of the oven, I didn’t think it turned out very good because it looked dry and a little burned. Happily, it tastes WAY better than it looks!


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