Kittie Mania

2015-06-20 15.06.02The Mulkey household has been overtaken with kitten mania. For several months, Sam has been saying he wants a cat, preferably a kitten; and now he’s about to get one. Here’s the story about how it has come about:

I’ve talked quite a bit in this blog about Walt who lives next door to us. He lives in Apartment 1, and we live in Apartment 2. Apartment 3 is empty (not for long, I hear), and Apartment 4 is occupied by a weird guy we refer to as “Lumpy” since we don’t know his name.

Well, Lumpy has been gone for several weeks, except for a couple very short trips back to his apartment. One trip back was after our landlady called to yell at him about cats that were shut up in his apartment. She was showing Apartment 3 to a potential renter, and she could hear the cats meowing loudly. When he came back that evening, the cats came bolting out the door as soon as he opened it. One was a very pregnant mama cat.

Walt took in the mama cat, and it had its kittens in his closet. They are in the picture in the upper left corner. (If you want to see it bigger, you can click on it.) He knew Sam has been wanting a kitten, so he said he can have first pick. Sam has chosen the black one, which we think is male, and he intends to call it Hades (after the god, not the place). Sam also wants the orange one, which we think is female, and he wants to call it Persephone. Walt is planning to keep the mama and the white kitten, and I think he has promised the other two to someone already, so I don’t think Sam is going to get to have both of the ones he wants.

The kittens are so new they still haven’t opened their eyes. We’re expecting their eyes to open in the next few days,

Another cat that had been shut up in Lumpy’s apartment is a calico with stunning colors and the brightest green eyes I’ve ever seen. When it came out of the apartment, it had been so starved its ribs were visible even from a distance. It has been eating like crazy the past few days and is starting to fill out nicely. I’m planning to keep her for myself. I’ve decided to name her Peridot because of the color of her eyes. Here is a picture of her:

2015-06-22 17.31.42


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