Be More Specific, Please

Screenshot 2015-07-16 22.28.37Last night, I decided to look over my profile info on facebook and make changes and updates if necessary. In the Basic Info section, it asks for gender and “Interested In”. I find that very vague. It is correct that I am interested in men as opposed to women, but it’s not specific enough. I’m not interested in just any men and certainly not in all men. So, I thought it through with input from a friend, and I have come up with some more specific criteria.

Although I am typically not interested in men who are younger than me, it’s okay as long as the age difference is not more than around 8 years. There is greater leeway in the other direction; I’m okay with someone up to about 13 years older than me.

Since I can’t stand idiots, I had first set the IQ level quite high; but, in order to broaden the field, I lowered it to 128.

I have banned about half of the zodiac signs, particularly Geminis and Aquarians. You can never quite believe anything a Gemini says, and you just can’t depend on an Aquarius. Being a Capricorn myself, I need security and stability; and I can’t be sure of either with those two particular signs. Aries and Libra are also off the list, which is ironic since those are my parents’ signs. The only signs definitely on the list are Taurus and Virgo.

The above criteria are more or less tongue-in-cheek. The one that is supremely important is a man who loves God and is living his life to fulfill God’s plan. As hard as it may be to find someone with the other requirements, this one is infintely harder to find. There are lots of people (men and women alike) out there who talk a good talk, but there are very few who consistently act in accordance with what they say (or “practice what they preach”). I’m not pointing fingers or throwing stones since I know that I am often guilty of falling short myself.

Although it should go without saying, I am definitely not interested in gay men. I’m already trying to get rid of one of those.

So, Facebook, that’s the answer to your question, but there is no place to put all that in your form.


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