Meet Jak

2015-07-24 14.21.51Today, Sam got his new kitten. Instead of taking the black kitten as he originally planned, he chose the gray striped one because it has a better personality. He named him Jak after the character in the Jak and Daxter video games.

Jak is playful and often appears to be smiling. Right now, his eyes are blue, but I expect them to change as he gets older. He is eating dry kitten food now and has learned how to use the litter box. He is quite curious, and I’m sure he will have explored every inch of this apartment in no time.

Meet Jak:

He spent most of the day curled up asleep on my bed or cuddling on my lap. He seems to like his Grandma an awful lot!

Unfortunately, Peridot does not like the new addition to our family. She hissed at him several times and eventually chose to go outside, ending up next door in Walt’s apartment. I’m hoping the two will reconcile and become good friends. I don’t know what to do if they don’t since our apartment isn’t big enough to keep them apart from each other.


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