Yesterday Was a BAD Day!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ve most likely already read the story of Sam’s wreck. Yesterday evening, he was in a horrible car accident. As he was going around a curve, he met an oncoming SUV that was going too fast and was across the center line. He panicked and overreacted. He lost control of the car, and it rolled at least twice before landing in a ditch. The people who live in the house across from where the car landed saw the whole thing. They said it seemed to happen in slow motion, like in a movie, and they were shocked when Sam popped out of the window and walked up to their house. The wreck should have killed him or at least landed him in the hospital with serious injuries. Instead, he has just a few bruises and cuts.

Although Sam survived the wreck, his car did not. It was already in bad condition. The frame was so corroded by rust it was hanging together by a thread and was in danger of breaking apart at any time. Now, every window is busted out, and there is obvious damage to the frame. I got a picture of the car before my phone battery died, but it does not convey the extent of the damage.



When we were finally back home, Sam was trying to unwind by talking with his friends on Xbox Live, and he accidentally spilled a glass of tea on his Xbox One. He hoped it would be okay today after drying out all night, but it seems to be permanently ruined.

Then, late in the night I heard some loud noises outside and wondered what was going on. I looked out to try to see what it was, but I didn’t see anything. This afternoon, Walt (my next-door neighbor, for any new readers who haven’t read about him here before) told me that it was a pack of coyotes. The really sad thing is we think they got our cats. Peridot hasn’t been around at all today, and neither has Jak’s mother. They both like to go out occasionally, but they always come home to eat and cuddle with us. Here is a picture of Peridot that I posted here a few weeks ago and a picture I took of Jak with his mother last Friday:


2015-06-22 17.31.42      IMG_1393



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  1. Omg!!! This is awful 😦 I hope at least that your cats will be found and ok. ❤


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