Iris DeMent

Iris DeMentFifteen years ago, I was introduced to the music of Iris DeMent. She is a talented singer/songwriter with a uniquely amazing voice. Tonight, she performed at the Paramount Center here in Bristol. I didn’t realize until tonight that she was here for Rhythm & Roots a couple years ago; I’m not sure how I missed that.

Her step-daughter, Pieta Brown, opened for her. Although her performance was more or less unremarkable, she has a sweet voice and seems like she is probably a geniunely good person.

Iris’s performance was awesome! She opened with “Mama’s Opry” as a tribute to both her mother and to Bristol, “the Birthplace of Country Music”. She performed a number of songs from her new album, “The Trackless Woods”. The album is a collection of Russian poems which Iris set to music.

My favorite song of the evening was “Our Town”, which is one of, if not the, first song she wrote. Here is a video of her performing it several years ago:


The place wasn’t packed, but the audience was very much into the concert and gave Ms. DeMent a standing ovation at the end of it. Although I would have been able to get a decent seat if I had waited to get my ticket at the door, I didn’t want to take any chances, so I ordered it online in advance. I was in seat D118, which was right down front, on the right side. Here’s my ticket:

2015-08-30 22.13.04

Next on the agenda is to find out who will be performing at Rhythm & Roots this year. I’ve heard that Steve Earle will be here. If that is indeed true, I’ve got to be sure to go!


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