Using My Phone to Make Money

field-agent-screen-shotsI have a couple apps on my phone that allow me to make money by doing little jobs, usually audits at businesses. Around here in Bristol, I can usually make $5-10 a week. It would be more if there weren’t other people using the apps and snatching up jobs before me. Apparently the apps aren’t quite as popular in eastern KY; every time I go there I’m able to do several jobs, which more than pay for the gas to go there and back. Yesterday, for instance, I made around $45, and the jobs were all easy-peasy.

My favorite of the two apps is Field Agent because it pays cash into my PayPal account. The other app is Mobee, which pays points which can be redeemed for gift cards. The jobs I completed yesterday were varied and rather interesting. I went to three different Walmarts which used to have portrait studios and took pictures of the front of the stores where the portrait studios used to be. I did a couple different audits at Staples, one regarding printers and printer ink and the other regarding iPhones. The most interesting jobs were at RiteAids, where I had to remove some ad graphics after speaking to the managers to get their permission. Each job took just a few minutes to complete and paid between $3.50 and $5 each.

Two of the jobs were in Paintsville. I normally don’t go that far when I go to Kentucky, but I did yesterday so that I could do those jobs. Yesterday was not a good day to go to Paintsville! After I got there, I found out that the Kentucky Apple Festival is always the first Saturday in October, and traffic was crazy! The carnival looked like fun, and the aroma coming from the food booths was tempting. I just kept driving, though. I did the jobs I went to do, and I went home (after getting a Blizzard at Dairy Queen).

So, anyway, back to the main point of this post…check out the Field Agent and Mobee apps on your phone and see if you can start making a little extra money doing little jobs around your town.


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