Month of Thanksgiving – Day Twenty-Seven

2015-11-26 14.56.08I’m thankful for the wonderful Thanksgiving Day I had yesterday! I invited some co-workers and their family to come over for dinner, and I cooked a whole Thanksgiving meal for eight people. That may not sound like a lot to some of you, but I’m used to cooking for just two, so it was a lot to me! Somehow, I managed to pull it off.

Cooking the huge meal wasn’t my biggest obstacle, though. I kept trying to figure out how in the world eight people were going to be able to eat comfortably in our teeny, tiny apartment. When I saw what a gorgeous day God gave us, I remembered the pavillion with picnic tables out behind the church in our backyard. I knew the people of the church wouldn’t mind if we ate there, so we hauled the whole dinner around back, through the parking lot, down a steep hill, to the picnic area. It was perfect! We had plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable, and the weather was amazing for late November. It was the best Thanksgiving we’ve had at this apartment because we got to share it with friends.


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