Birthday Report

29I’m back home from my birthday road trip, tired but happy. This was the best birthday I’ve had in years, because of the good friends I got to spend time with. I’ve already talked about my actual birthday, so this post is about the rest of my trip.

The next day, I drove from Atlanta to Raleigh, NC, to meet up with my long-time friend Edmund and his business partner Dan. They put me to work!! I did a little grunt work and got to participate in a couple brainstorming sessions. I’m as excited as they are about the future of All-Weather Firestarters, and I can NOT wait to move to Raleigh and be involved on a day-to-day basis.

As I was getting into Raleigh, my guardian angel went above and beyond the call of duty to keep me from being involved in an accident. Here’s what happened:  As I was merging from one highway onto another, two cars behind me collided. One was to the left behind me, and the other was to the right. They both tried to move into my lane at the same time. One of the cars went spinning out of control and missed my rear bumper by mere inches. What made the whole incident super-scary was that traffic had come to a sudden stop because of a traffic jam up ahead, and I couldn’t move forward to put more distance between me and the wreck happening in my rearview mirror. I cringed as I saw the one car come perilously close and pieces of bumpers flying through the air. When it was over and the dust had settled, my first thought was, “Thank you, God, for keeping me safe!” I know it was all because of His protection that I managed to not be hit by anything.

Now, I have less than an hour to get ready to leave for work. It’s hard going back to work after such an amazing vacation, but I’m thankful I have a job to go to. Have a great evening, everyone!!


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