“It Ain’t Nothin’ But A Thang”

2016-01-20 14.56.10I’ve mentioned my next-door neighbor, Walt, many times in my blog. (The first time was here.) As a recap, he used to be a horrible neighbor who was mean and hurtful for no reason. After a health scare (and near-death experience), he did a complete 180° and has become the best neighbor I could ask for. He’s an older man who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Since that diagnosis, he has tried to be even more helpful, if that’s even possible.

You can see in the photo to the left that it has snowed here today. It started snowing sometime this morning, and it hasn’t stopped yet. Fortunately, I don’t have to go anywhere today, so I’ve just stayed snuggled up and warm in my apartment.

About an hour ago, Walt knocked on my door to let me know that he had cleared the snow off my car. I told him thanks over and over and expressed how badly I felt about it since I don’t have to go anywhere. His response was cute and sad at the same time: “Don’t you worry about it. It ain’t nothin’ but a thang.” The saddest part is that, as you can see in the photo, my car is snowed over again already.

Edited 22 Jan 2016:

The next day, my wonderful friend Maureen came and took me to the grocery store since my driveway was still too snow-covered for my car to make it safely down the hill or back up. Later that evening, after the snow had melted some, I was able to go out and get us pizza for supper. Since I felt so badly about Walt’s wasted efforts, I gave him half of a large pepperoni pizza. I know he loves pizza, and I was happy to show my gratitude for his kindness.


2 responses to this post.

  1. “It aint nothing but a thang” – I love it. It sounds like a great title for a country song!! Stay warm, Suzanne and Sam.


    • You’re right, Al! I should use it along with some other things he says and write a hit country song. The only problem is that I don’t know how to compose music! 🙂


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