Why I Won’t Be Voting for Trump

I don’t speak out about politics much, for two reasons. First, I’m slow to choose a candidate to support. I like keeping an open mind so I can absorb all I see, hear, and read and then weigh all the pros and cons as I perceive them. Second, many of the people I encounter are of the mindset, “Don’t confuse me with the facts; my mind is already made up.” Until I have my mind firmly made up, it is a total waste of my time to say anything. I do have my mind made up now, in time for the primary elections here tomorrow; but I have long since had my mind made up regarding Donald Trump. I have known almost from the beginning that I would not, under any circumstances, vote for him. This post is to explain my reasoning, not to pick on or start a fight with anyone who supports Trump for President. In that light, there is no need for anyone reading this to feel offended, become defensive, or begin attacking me for my views.

I have recently begun re-reading the book “In His Steps” by Charles Sheldon. (This book was the catalyst for the “What Would Jesus Do?” movement.) Now, I preface all I do with the question, “What would Jesus do?”, and I try to faithfully do what I believe He would do. Of course, I’m not perfect, so I often fail; but my failure doesn’t keep me from continuing to strive to do what Jesus would do.

The area of politics is no different than any other area of my life. I’ve been reflecting on what I believe Jesus would do in light of this year’s presidential race. I cannot believe that Jesus would vote for Trump. Donald Trump is an evil man who gloats in his wickedness and brags that he has never asked God for forgiveness. Sure, we aren’t voting for a pastor; but according to Hebrews 13:17, rulers over us “watch for your souls, as they that must give account…” Do you think for one minute that Trump cares about our souls? He doesn’t appear to care about his own soul. Another verse which has helped shape my views in this presidential race is Proverbs 29:2, which says, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Trump says what many of us are feeling, and a lot of what he says is right. But, he is not a righteous man; and I, for one, believe God when He says that we will mourn if we elect a wicked ruler.

For the primary, I have several options beside Trump; and I have made my choice. But, what if Trump wins the nomination as the Republican candidate for the general election? Surely, I’ll vote for him against either Hillary or Bernie, right? Wrong! Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, and I cannot in good conscience do that. Thank goodness, our country has more than two political parties. I will vote Libertarian in the general election if my only choices are Trump or either Hillary or Bernie. I believe that’s what Jesus would do.


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