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Baptism Day

2016-07-03 10.28.21I usually consider myself to be technologically savvy, but for some reason, when it comes to recording things on my iPhone, I’m completely inept. Last month, I failed to get a video of Sam’s modeling debut, and today I almost failed to get a video of his baptism. I missed all the nice things Tony said at the beginning, but thankfully, I noticed my phone wasn’t recording just in time to get the actual baptism. (I noticed Trevor videotaping the whole thing, so I’m hoping it will be posted on the church’s facebook page where I can share the whole thing with everyone.)

I am incredibly proud of Sam! He has given his heart, his life, and his musical talent to God; and his only desire is to live the rest of his life to bring glory to God and to advance His Kingdom.

Being human as I am, I would love to take the credit for the transformation in his life, but I can’t. I’ve made many mistakes along the way; I am far from being a perfect parent and role model. The one thing I did right was to pray for Sam and to enlist my friends to pray for him as well. God answers prayer!

In the picture in the upper right corner, Tony is talking before baptizing Sam. Here is a picture of Sam stepping into the baptismal tank:

2016-07-03 10.26.57


And, here is the video…


Month of Thanksgiving: Day Fifteen

2015-11-15 14.41.52Today, I am thankful for my church, Discovery Church.  I am especially grateful for the emphasis on teaching the Word of God. Our pastor, Tony Marr, does a great job teaching the Bible as he goes through one book at a time, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. I have met lots of great people at Discovery, and I have made some lasting friendships. I thank God that my friend Maureen kept inviting me to go there with her.

What a Week!!

What a weekLast week was quite a week! After spending most of the previous two weeks snowed in, it started great, with my getting to go to church. Although there was still quite a lot of snow in my yard and driveway, I had no trouble getting out or getting back up the steep drive when I got back home.

Monday was also a good day, full of errands being run and laundry being done. Then, Monday night came along, and the whole week went downhill in a hurry. Sam went to visit a friend who attends ETSU and got himself in a jam. Tuesday, the entire day was spent dealing with that situation. It was one of the hardest days we’ve had in a long, long time. I’m hoping there won’t be any long-term negative repercussions, and I’m glad to see that some very positive things have already come about because of the experience.

Speaking of positive things, Sam is gone right now for his first night at his new job. He is working 3rd shift at Strongwell in Meadowview, VA. I’ll find out tomorrow what he thinks about it. I hope he likes it, or can at least tolerate it. I’m incredibly proud of him for getting the job so quickly and for his great attitude toward it.

While I’m sure this week can’t possibly be as bad as last week, it will still have its share of hurdles to be crossed. We would appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts. Here’s hoping your week is fantastic!

Today’s Post #1

loveI have so much stuff swirling around in my head today that I’ve experinced difficulty narrowing it down enough to write this post. I wrote out a long post and realized it seemed to have two distinct and somewhat unrelated parts, so I decided to do two posts today. Since I couldn’t come up with a fitting title for this one, it’s just going to be Post #1.

As most of you know, I’ve been a single mom for most of the last 19 years. Before long, Sam will be off living his own life, as he should, and I will be left alone. I’ve often searched and asked God for someone to love me the way I love, which is with my whole being. I was thinking about that this morning, and during the worship service, I felt like God was saying to me, “I already love you that way.” I had to admit to Him that He was right, and I asked Him to help me be content with His love. I don’t know the name of the song that was being sung then, but it seemed that it was echoing those words…not the exact same words, but the same message. As I read the words of the song on the screen, tears started falling, and I knew God was speaking right to ME.

This church I’m going to is different than any other church I’ve gone to, and way, way different than the kind of church I grew up in. I was very skeptical about it at first, and I only went because a friend of mine had asked me several times. A couple weeks ago, I admitted to her that I really don’t like the music. I don’t think it’s wrong, necessarily, but it’s just not my style, especially for church. Then, today, God used that music to speak to me in a very profound way.

The past several weeks that I have attended Discovery Church have taught me a lot — about myself, about church, about God. I’ve learned that I had become stuck in a routine and that going to church had become a chore, a duty that I had to perform. I’ve learned that the purpose of the church is to equip God’s people to do God’s work, rather than simply a place to go every week to see your friends and feel smug about yourself as you drive away. I’ve learned that although God accepts us where we are, He doesn’t intend for us to stay there; and that when we’re open and listening, He can speak to us, even in a YMCA gymnasium or through music that isn’t our style.

Disappointing Day

It’s Easter Sunday, and I’m bummed out! I make it a practice to go to church every Sunday, not just at Easter and Christmas; but I ended up stuck at home today. And…I had some great plans for today! My very favorite southern Gospel group (Brian Free & Assurance) were in concert at a church just an hour away this morning, and I had planned to go. That was like adding insult to injury.

Before I explain my change in plans, I need you to understand that I am likely the clutziest person you will ever meet. In fact, when I was a young girl, my dad called me Clutzy far more often than he called me by my name. I was so bad about breaking things, that he told me he believed I could break an anvil.

Last night, I made deviled eggs in preparation for today’s dinner. As I was draining the boiling water off the eggs, it splashed onto me and burned me. I knew it was bad at the time, but I wasn’t prepared for the nasty welt across my belly today. (It probably could use some medical attention.) This morning, I couldn’t find anything decent enough to wear in public that didn’t irritate my burn. I’ve gone around the house all day in an over-sized nightshirt since it was the only thing I could find that wouldn’t touch my belly. In a little while, I’m going to a friend’s house to get some salve for the burn, and I don’t know what I’m going to wear over there.

Even though I couldn’t be in church today, I’ve concentrated my thoughts on Christ’s resurrection and listened to uplifting Gospel music. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was still a nice day of worship. I hope all of my readers have had a blessed Easter Sunday!

Fall On My Knees

The Browders are a family who form a Southern Gospel group which has become one of my favorites. I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago at my church, Charity Baptist Church in Blountville, TN. I think I had heard them on the radio before that, but I’m not sure. It’s neat that they live just up the road from me in Hiltons, VA. (On my way home every day, I see a sign saying “Hiltons 20 miles”.) They’re so close, yet I didn’t even know about them until a few weeks ago, and now I listen to their cd “The Message” all the time.

On that cd, the song titled “Fall On My Knees” has been a great blessing to me. Lately, I have been going through some of the toughest trials of my life, and my only recourse has been to “Fall On My Knees”. As I listen to this song, I can relate to every word. I know I have several friends and family members who are praying along with me, and I want all of you to know that I can feel your prayers and I appreciate them all. I hope this song will bless you as much as it blesses me every time I hear it.

Month of Thanksgiving – Day 12

I am thankful for my church family. The name of my church is Charity Baptist Church, and it is fitting. I’ve been a member of several different churches over the years, but never one more loving than this one.